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5 reasons to work with an IBD-focused dietitian over a generalist

5 reasons to work with an IBD-focused dietitian over a generalist

Updated on
November 12, 2023
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Medically reviewed by
Brittany Rogers, MS, RDN
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Written by
Romanwell Dietitians

If you have Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, you’ve probably considered working with a registered dietitian to find your trigger foods, optimize your nutrient intake, and reduce your symptoms. When looking for a dietitian, it’s important to find someone who specializes in treating people with IBD. 

In this post we share 5 reasons you should opt for an IBD-focused dietitian over a generalist when looking for nutrition support for your IBD. 

1. We’re up to date on the latest IBD research

An IBD-focused registered dietitian will be up to date on the latest IBD research and will make sure you’re receiving the highest quality care possible.

A generalist dietitian needs to stay up to date on all areas of research so they’re less likely to know the latest IBD research which could affect the quality of the advice they provide.

For example, many dietitians and doctors still recommend a low fiber diet for people with IBD despite overwhelming research that people following high-fiber diets have better outcomes.


2. We can answer all of your questions

Since we’re up to date on the latest research, we can easily answer all of your IBD diet questions as soon as they pop up. We can also answer many of your questions before you even ask them.

Because we’ve worked with so many IBD patients, we know the frequently asked questions and can anticipate what information you’ll likely find helpful. 

3. We give you more than just a generalized handout

Instead of a handout that’s provided to all patients, we’ll give you specific advice, tips, and meal ideas that are individualized to your unique diet preferences and your specific type of IBD. 

We’ll also provide guidance on

  • Which foods increase and decrease your risk for active disease
  • How to find your unique trigger foods and ways of making your meals well-tolerated
  • Reintroducing foods back into your diet and keeping your diet expansive
  • How to sustainably reduce your fatigue, improve your sleep quality and reduce stress
  • How to adapt cultural foods so they don’t trigger symptoms

At Romanwell, we’ll also help you implement diet and lifestyle changes so that they’re realistic and sustainable for the rest of your life.

4. We know what to look for

When you mention you’re fatigued, avoiding dairy, and avoiding raw fruits and vegetables, we know which nutrient deficiencies to check for and how to correct them.

We also know that if you’ve regained weight back quickly, that could impact how you feel about your body.

We listen to the details of what you say and symptoms you’re experiencing and help you make changes that work for you and your lifestyle so that you’ll feel your best.

5. We ask the right questions

We don’t just ask you about your symptoms - we ask about the specifics of your symptoms.

  • Does the bloating get worse throughout the day?
  • Do you have difficulty passing stools and acid reflux and bloating?
  • Is the pain localized to one area or is it all over?
  • How’s your sleep quality, stress levels, fatigue, mental health, etc?


Work with an IBD-focused dietitian

If you’re interested in working with an IBD focused dietitian or just curious to learn more, reach out to request an appointment today. You don’t need to restrict your diet to feel better. We can help you expand your diet and reduce your symptoms so you can feel like yourself again.

We can help you reduce your symptoms without a restrictive diet
Pay as little as $0 per appointment with insurance
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