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Sharon M

Living with UC at 65, Sharon introduced several new foods into her diet, improved her bowel movements & sleep quality

I'm a senior (over 65 years old) and I had lost 13lb after a gallbladder surgery a few months prior to starting the program. When I first started working with my nutritionist I was having a hard time recovering from surgery health-wise since I also have UC. I wasn't sure what to eat to get healthy again and was low in energy and tired all the time and would fall asleep for probably an hour everyday after work. I'd then wake up to eat and get some things done around the house and stay up until 11pm and then wake up early the next day for work.

My main goal at first was to figure out what to eat. My doctors would never give any advice in that regard. I had been wanting to work with a nutritionist/dietician for many years since I was diagnosed with UC but really didn't know how to find a good one. I had reached out to a couple nutritionists but for one reason or another it was decided we were not a good match. When I saw Romanwell's testimonial stories on instagram I knew I wanted to work with one of their nutritionists because I knew they would understand my experience with flares resulting in extreme loss weight and hospitalization at one point. I got so excited when I saw they offered a free consultation opportunity.

I'm almost afraid to think about where I'd be health-wise if not for working with my nutritionist at Romanwell. I am a senior meaning over 65 years old and I had lost 13 pounds after surgery. I needed good nutritional advice to help me to recover from surgery and not complicate my already delicate gut issues. I was just afraid to eat too much other than mostly soups. I needed help! And my medical doctors were not coming through in the area of nutrition.

Thanks to her, I'm now sleeping 7.5-8 hours regularly :) I've learned how important it is to create a routine for planning to go to bed. I wind down with a book/meditation and I'm sound asleep by 10:30pm now. I get regular exercise; I typically swim or take long walks 3-4x a week as weather allows, or turn to yoga or zumba. Still exploring yoga exercises as they help me to slow down and quiet myself and stretch which feels good. I enjoy dance music because it’s a fun way to exercise.

"My nutritionists knowledge was evidenced not only by her credentials/education but by her coaching, continued research even as we work together and most importantly listening skills. She hears what I am saying/expressing and..helps me explore and discover what works best for me"

I had been bored with my cooking/meal preps previously but now am actually enjoying cooking and eating. She gave me good ideas for meal 'planning'. I am building my ‘favorite recipes’ file which helps me when building my grocery list weekly. She’s also encouraged me to try different herbs & spices so my meals are tastier and I am not tempted to throw some hot sauce on my food just to spice it up which can be dangerous for me.

My household is in love with the variety of roasted vegetables we cook regularly to complement our meals which makes my bowel movements healthier (no constipation, no diarrhea) and regular :). I think there’s a saying ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ and I have discovered that! Feeling healthy gives me energy throughout the day, keeps my mind sharper and helps me to focus better when I am trying to accomplish a project to the finish. In turn it has also helped me gauge and be realistic about how much I can actually accomplish in a day.

So bottom line, working with Romanwell has helped me realize how closely my nutrition, my sleep routine & exercise were intertwined with my overall bodily well-being and thought process in order to just function productively. This is so important to me and makes life so much more enjoyable!!

My nutritionists knowledge was evidenced not only by her credentials/education but by her coaching, continued research even as we work together and most importantly listening skills. She hears what I am saying/expressing and then offers information to help me explore and discover what works best for me. She has been truly committed to help me reach my goals for a healthier body/life and I am so grateful! She listens and communicates honestly… but isn’t bossy or motherly lol. That would have turned me off right away ha!

In addition to her education with respect to health and nutrition, she was honest with me and not afraid to encourage me to correct my faulty thinking about myself as it all affects my health. Most valuable asset... she was committed to helping me find my path to health and truly cares and it's evident.

All client names and photographs have been changed to protect their privacy.

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