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Cailyn L

Cailyn gained confidence in eating without guilt and is hopeful about living without limitations due to her disease

Before working with Romanwell I was feeling like I was at the end of my rope; like I had exhausted all options out there to help me figure out why I didn't feel normal and I continued to suffer from health and GI problems. No one (including GI specialists and naturopaths) seemed to be able to help or even really listen or understand.

As soon as I found out what Romanwell did and who their audience was, I immediately knew this was exactly what I needed! The fact that one of their dietitians also lives with similar health issues made me think that she would actually understand what I was going through.

If I didn’t complete the program, I probably would still be completely exhausted (both mentally and physically), frustrated, and still running on empty.

Since working with my dietitian, I have:

  • A healthier outlook on food, eating, and my diseases in general
  • Less guilt for eating certain foods that I had been told to avoid in the past (probably for no good reason)
  • Actually tried new foods and some of my "problem" foods in moderation or different ways
  • Increased happiness since my diet is more expansive and my energy has improved
  • Improved overall health (both mental and physical) and feeling like someone actually understands and cares since she discovered things that other providers didn't bother or think to look into (like low iron)
  • Hope for a future without as many limitations due to my diseases

"Since working with my dietitian, I have hope for a future without as many limitations due to my diseases"

I enjoyed the vault with lots of valuable information that I could watch at my own pace, and the revelations she provided about the psychological aspects of living with IBD and research based solutions.

My dietitian really understood what I was going through because she has gone through it herself. She gets truly excited when you have a win that other people wouldn't even understand, and she seems to know exactly what you need to hear and guides you while also allowing you to be in control of your goals and where you want to go.

I also appreciate that every recommendation she gives is research based. She knows the facts and I really appreciate that as a health care professional myself!

It was the best decision I've made for my own mental and physical health! Thank you so much for what you do!! :)

All client names and photographs have been changed to protect their privacy.

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