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7 high-protein snack ideas for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis

7 high-protein snack ideas for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis

Updated on
November 12, 2023
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Medically reviewed by
Brittany Rogers, MS, RDN
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Written by
Romanwell Dietitians

If you have Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, protein intake is always important, but it’s particularly important when you have active inflammation. 

Your body has increased protein requirements when your disease is active (when you have inflammation in your GI tract) and protein is an important component in your body’s ability to heal wounds. 

To help you stay on top of your protein requirements, here are 7 protein-packed snack ideas to try.

If a particular ingredient triggers symptoms for you, try swapping it out for a better tolerated alternative or try adjusting the texture by cooking or pureeing the ingredient. If you're unsure which foods or ingredients trigger your symptoms, consider working with an IBD dietitian to come up with a personalized nutrition plan that fits with your lifestyle and preferences.

1. Hard boiled eggs

IBD-friendly hard boiled eggs

Each large egg contains about 6g of protein. Hard Boiled eggs are a great way to add a protein-rich snack to your day. Top with salt and pepper to taste. 

2. Tuna fish and crackers

IBD-friendly tuna and crackers

Canned tuna with salt and pepper on crackers is an easy and protein-packed snack you can add into your routine. Choose a tuna can with the simplest ingredients. 


3. Non-fat greek yogurt parfait with raspberries

IBD-friendly yogurt parfait

Mix a cup of non-fat greek yogurt with raspberries and well-tolerated granola.

4. Nut butter or seed butter sandwich with bananas

IBD-friendly nut butter and banana sandwich

Choose nut and seed butters with the simplest ingredients you can find (usually just the nuts or seeds themselves). If you can tolerate gluten, toast your favorite bread and spread a tablespoon or two of nut butter on one side. If you’re gluten-intolerant or allergic, opt for a well-tolerated gluten-free bread instead. Top with bananas and enjoy. 

5. Smoothie with nonfat plain kefir

IBD-friendly smoothie

Blend together blueberries, spinach, kefir, and water for a protein-filled breakfast or afternoon snack. 


6. Energy balls made from oats and nut butter

IBD-friendly energy balls

Combine oats, cashew butter, date syrup and a banana in a mixing bowl and mash until well combined. Portion the mix into 1-inch balls and refrigerate until firm and enjoy throughout the week.

7. Avocado toast with eggs or scrambled tofu

IBD-friendly avocado toast with egg or tofu

Spread half of a mashed avocado over your favorite piece of toast. Top with an egg, salt and pepper to taste. For a bit more variety, you can swap the egg for scrambled tofu. Simply add tofu to a frying pan over medium heat, mash into a granular texture and serve on top of toast with your choice of seasoning.

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