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Denise B

Denise emerged from a long flare and several tough surgeries, able to confidently eat a broad diet with minimal stress

When I found Brittany through Instagram, I was desperate.

I had been in a flare with my ulcerative colitis for a year and half.

Whilst I had found remission after my initial diagnosis through medication, and after being on every available drug (be that on the market, or through clinical trials) I just wasn’t able to shake this one.

I was feeling overwhelmed and burnt out and was so confused about how my diet was affecting things, I was limiting my diet quiet a lot and sticking to my safe foods (I’m looking at you, banana, peanut butter, white bread and rice).

As someone who loves to eat raw veggies, fruit and salads, I was missing out on some of my favorite foods.

My first session with Brittany was actually while I was in [the] hospital, and from when I first met her, she gave me some hope and support.

I was initially a bit hesitant to work with Brittany, as it did seem like a big investment to pay for the whole package rather than paying per session, as I had done with previous dieticians.

My worries were very quickly put at ease. I ended up doing the 6 month program, and to be honest I think this is why working with Brittany actually works, because she doesn’t just send you home with a piece of paper of dos and don’ts, she really works to make things personal to you and by having regular check ins, you feel supported the whole way.

Unfortunately only a few days after my first session with Brittany, things changed quite quickly for me and I had to have an emergency colectomy as I had run out of my medical options.

This was a very overwhelming, upsetting and confusing time for me, but I am SO glad I had Brittany on my team during.

"I would wholeheartedly recommend Romanwell to anyone, at any stage of their IBD journey. My dietitian, Brittany, is extremely knowledgeable, empathetic and encouraging and I don’t know if I would be at the level of health I am now, without her help."

She helped to provide perspective, support and advice about the things my doctors weren’t as focused on (which went way beyond food!) - She was like my dedicated IBD Support person.

She helped me to understand how to eat with an ileostomy, and helped my to safely and confidently expand my diet - I don’t think I would have been as brave at trying new foods without her help.

And it turns out you can eat pretty much everything with an ostomy!

I opted to have my ileostomy reversed, and had some difficulties and complications along the way that resulted in me being on a low fibre, puree/liquid diet for a period of time.

This was tough. But luckily Brittany was there to come up with some options for me to try to make sure I was still enjoying my meals and getting enough nutrition.

Since having my reversal, I’m finally feeling a lot better, and Brittany has once again been amazing at helping me improve my pouch function, expand my diet and adapt to my new body.

I am now eating anything I want, and through Brittanys help was able to identify and understand that I was lucky enough to not have any food intolerances, and most of my issues with food were purely driven by my severe inflammation.

Even knowing this empowers me to feel more confident in my meal choices and stress less about food.

Her help goes beyond food - she also helped me with managing my stress, accept my condition and that surgery is not the end of the world and encouraging me to achieve my goal of being able to exercise again.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Brittany to anyone, at any stage of their IBD journey. She is extremely knowledgeable, empathetic and encouraging and I don’t know if I would be at the level of health I am now, without her help.

Thank you Brittany!

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